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Dry Cleanning Soap Oil

The product has a significant effect on removing water-soluble dirt from the fabrics. It is specially designed to clean water-soluble dirt that cannot be cleaned by dry-cleaning oil. It is especially suitable for washing delicate clothes.

  • 20L
  • 823

Collar Cleanser

The product is specially designed for washing the dirt on the collar and cuffs of shirts, T-shirts and underwear. It has a good ability to decompose oil and sweat stains secreted by the human body.

  • 500ml
  • 942

Powerful Emulsifier

The product is used with alkaline additives and (or) main detergent, suitable for cleaning blood and oily fabrics. It can be also used for fabric washing in dust-free clean rooms.

  • 60L
  • 751

Water Treatment Cleanser

The product is suitable for all laundry, effectively complexing calcium, magnesium and iron ions in the water to prevent the linen from turning gray and yellow.

  • 60L
  • 739

Rust Cleanning Neutralization Acid Powder

This product is used to neutralize residual alkali in water and fabrics and remove rust, and can prevent fabrics from yellowing. Suitable for all types of fabrics.

  • 20kg
  • 969

Laundry detergent powder

The product is a highly alkaline laundry detergent with remarkble cleaning effect and also performs well in hard water. It is especially suitable for heavy soiled linen.

  • 20kg
  • 983

Concerntrated Bleaching Powder

The product is used in cleaning at temperatures of 20-40℃. It is used for all kinds of white fabrics and some non-fading fabrics, but cannot be used for linen stained with chlorhexidine.

  • 60L
  • 636

Alkaline Lotion

The product is used with liquid detergent and bleacher to remove heavy dirt on cloth. It can be used in the linen of hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other medical institutions.

  • 60L
  • 521